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A Dozen Bankruptcy Secrets

Suffolk County & Nassau County Bankruptcy Lawyers

Those who need credit help most about filing bankruptcy on Long Island are often unaware of how much bankruptcy can help. There is a lot of bankruptcy information that credit card companies don't want you to know. Here is a list of a dozen bankruptcy secrets that you should know.


Secret #1:
You can still file bankruptcy despite the new laws.

Many people are under the mistaken belief that when the bankruptcy laws were changed in 2005, bankruptcy for consumers was eliminated. That is a misconception. Bankruptcy is still available. We have helped hundreds of consumers on Long Island eliminate debts under the new bankruptcy laws.

Secret #2:
If you would have been eligible under the old laws for Chapter 7, you are probably still eligible under the new laws.

The fact is that most people still qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy under the new laws. Most people pass the Means Test that is required under the new laws. We take care of calculating and preparing the Means Test.

Secret #3:
Most consumers who file Bankruptcy Chapter 7 can discharge all their credit card debts.

At the Law Offices of Craig D. Robins, Esq., we help our clients eliminate their debts. There are very few exceptions as to what debts can be discharged. Our success rate is over 99%. That means that over 99% percent of our Chapter 7 debtor clients are able to eliminate all of their credit card debts. You can eliminate unsecured debt and personal debt in Chapter 7 to become debt-free.

Secret #4:
Most people keep all of their assets.

The Bankruptcy Code enables you to keep and protect your home, cars, furniture, appliances, retirement accounts and other essentials that you need to get your fresh start. These laws are called exemption statutes. Although there are limits to the values of what you can keep in bankruptcy, most people who file personal bankruptcy are not required to give up anything. Bill collectors are notorious for lying and leading you to believe that you will lose your possessions. When you meet with us for a free consultation we will analyze your debts and assets and explain how you can protect your precious possessions.

Secret #5:
You can protect a large amount of equity in your home.

Those people who own a home can protect up to $50,000 worth of equity per person. That means a husband and wife filing jointly can protect up to $100,000 worth of equity. Craig D. Robins, Esq. regularly represents Long Island homeowners who eliminate their credit card debts in Chapter 7 and keep their homes.

Secret #6:
You can file for bankruptcy with or without your spouse.

Whether you file individually or jointly, it's your choice. It's not uncommon for one spouse to have most of the debt in their name only, in which case an individual filing would probably be best. However, if both spouses are obligated on debts, they should file together. When you meet with us, we will analyze your financial situation and suggest how you should file.

Secret #7:
There is credit after bankruptcy in New York.

The fact is that most people who file bankruptcy are able to rebuild and re-establish their credit within a short time after their bankruptcy case is concluded. A study about life after bankruptcy showed that most people emerging from bankruptcy are actually offered new credit cards.

Secret #8:
A bankruptcy filing often makes your credit score better, not worse.

Bill collectors certainly do not want you to know this. Eliminating your debts in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will often result in a higher credit rating than if you didn't file. When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all of your consumer debts are usually eliminated, thereby opening up room for additional credit. In a sense, filing for bankruptcy provides credit repair.

Secret #9:
Your employer will not find out about your bankruptcy.

Generally, you employer will not know that you filed for bankruptcy unless you choose to tell them. The Bankruptcy Court does not get in touch with your employer. You should also know that it is against federal law for an employer to fire or discriminate against someone who seeks bankrupcy relief.


Secret #10:
You don't need to be broke to file for bankruptcy.

Some people are under the erroneous impression that you have to be totally destitute in order to file for bankruptcy. That is not true. The fact is that you can be employed, have a bank account and own a certain amount of property and assets, and still be able to eliminate your debts in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you have unmanageable debt, responsible debt management involves meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer to explore your debt solutions.

Secret #11:
Most bankruptcies go very smoothly.

When you retain Craig D. Robins, Esq., you are assured of having highly experienced and respected Nassau County and Suffolk County bankruptcy lawyers represent you through every phase of your case. The rules and laws in bankruptcy proceedings may be extremely complicated, but we know the bankruptcy laws, and know them well, and we will make your case go smoothly and efficiently. We endeavor to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. Most of our clients say to us at the conclusion of their case, "Gee, Craig; is that all there is to it?"

Secret #12:
You are not alone.

You should not feel guilty about filing for bankruptcy. Our country has bankruptcy laws for good reason: to give the honest consumer the opportunity for a fresh new financial start when debt problems become overwhelming. In most years during the past decade, over a million people sought bankruptcy relief in each of those years. In 2005, over two million people filed for bankruptcy relief. When you meet with the Law Offices of Craig D. Robins, Esq., you will see that, in addition to being knowledgeable and experienced, we are compassionate, understanding and respectful of your situation. You owe it to yourself to contact us today to discuss resolving your bad debt problems.


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There is a lot more positive information about bankruptcy than these dozen bankruptcy "secrets." When you meet with us, we will fill you in on everything you need to know.

If you have serious debt problems, you should seriously consider eliminating your debts in bankruptcy. At the Long Island bankruptcy law office of Craig D. Robins, Esq., we can analyze your financial situation and answer all of your questions about filing bankruptcy on Long Island. Please contact us today to arrange a free office consultation to discuss how we can help you with debt management through bankruptcy.

Craig D. Robins, Esq. is an established and respected consumer bankruptcy attorney who has filed thousands of bankruptcies for consumers in Suffolk County, Nassau County and Queens. We know the new bankruptcy laws inside and out, and can provide you with a fair, knowledgeable assessment of how they apply to you. We have helped many hundreds of consumers use bankruptcy to eliminate debts under the new laws; we can help you, too, get out of debt with bankruptcy.

Our practice is dedicated to helping individuals and families stop creditor harassment, find solutions to debt problems, and get a fresh new financial start through personal bankruptcy.


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